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Nuotta 2+2 Persons, Lapinlahti
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The Nuotta cottage boasts an attractive location: an exceptionally gorgeous private beach where those long summer days are crowned by a beautiful sunset. Equally impressive are the stormy days when you can just marvel at the mighty forces of nature, not to mention the northern lights on clear nights. Built in the 1970s, Nuotta has seen minor changes and improvements over the years, most recently in 2000. More amenities have been added and the appearance enlivened, yet honouring the past and the original spirit. The cottage is built of round logs. It is available for up to 4 persons in May-October.

Please note that the reservation calendar automatically considers the different minimum lengths of stay that are valid at given times: generally one week in June-August and 2 nights at other times.



  • One bedroom with separate box-spring beds (80 x 200 cm), blankets and pillows
  • Use of bedlinen and towels is always included in the total price of reservation which varies somewhat depending on the number of guests.
  • A living room featuring a dining table, TV, fireplace and sofa that can be opened up to make a bed for two
  • The kitchenette is equipped with an electric stove, microwave oven, coffeemaker, electric kettle, refrigerator w/freezer compartment. Also available is a selection of cookware and tableware as well as dishwashing liquid and a dish brush.
  • WC/shower
  • Electric heating and lighting
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Tap water is potable
  • A sauna out on the yard
  • Spacious sauna room plus dressing room
  • Washing equipment (large water bucket, regular buckets, water basin and scoops)
  • Sauna pail and ladle
  • Wood-heated stove with a hot water tank plus running cold water
  • Ready-chopped firewood is included in the price.


  • The cottage’s private shoreline some 30 metres away.
  • A shallow sandy shore, no jetty
  • Partly lawn-covered yard, a natural sandy shore
  • Outdoor fireplace with a grate, bench seats or log stools around the fireplace
  • If you want to cook on open fire, bring your own pots and pans – the dishes in the cottage are not suited for cooking on open fire and may not be used for that purpose.
  • Terrace set
  • Portable charcoal grill (charcoal not included)
  • The nearest cottages to Nuotta are the Koukku and Turo cottages, both some 500 m away in different directions.

In addition to bringing your own food and drink with you, also remember to bring the following:
Personal hygiene supplies, toilet paper, flashlight, matches, spices and condiments, mosquito coils. These are not included in our provision.

Keys, arrival and key handback

Upon your arrival, please check in at the reception, address Jokiniementie 62, 71910 Alapitkä (Lapinlahti). You will get the key to the cottage and instructions on how to get there. The earliest check-in time is 4.00 pm on your arrival date, and the key is to be handed back by 12 noon on your departure date.

Tidiness, after stay cleaning and waste

The guest renting the cottage is responsible for the tidiness of the rented premises during his/her stay. A more thorough after stay cleaning by the staff is included in the price, but please see to the following before checking out: Wash any dirty dishes, empty the waste bins, clear out any ashes from the fireplace and sauna stove firebox as well as their ash boxes and from the grill, separate the bedlinen from the blankets and pillows and replace any furniture you have moved. On the sauna terrace, there’s a metal bucket for the ashes. If travelling with a pet, clean up any droppings near the cottage and remove any loose hair from the furniture.

We hope that you have the energy to sort your waste while at Jokiniemi. Put all recyclable waste materials (glass, metal, plastic, cardboard) in the designated containers by the woodshed. You will also find a mixed waste container there. Papers and combustible waste (not including materials lined with aluminium or containing metal) can be burned in the sauna stove. For biowaste, there is a designated composter by the tennis court on the way to the reception.


Pets are allowed in the cottage for no extra charge. Guests travelling with pets must ensure that no loose hair is left on the furniture before they check out. The easiest solution to this is to cover the furniture appropriately upon arrival.

If your dog relieves itself in the vicinity of the cottage, it is your responsibility to clean up any droppings and take them to the forest to decompose there. Also ensure that your pet stays at your party’s cottage – any nesting birds should not be disturbed, and the neighbouring guests may not be dog people.

Reservations and related inquiries, maintenance and upkeep

To make inquiries about reservations, use of the accommodation or the maintenance and upkeep of our facilities, please contact us using the following information:

Jokiniemen Matkailu / Marita
p. +358 400 811 266