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A night in a hammock on a private beach, Lapinlahti
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Would you like to try out what it feels like to sleep a night in nature under the open sky? While resting in a hammock – dubbed by some as the cradle of gods – you’ll feel like lying on someone’s lap as you relax and let your thoughts wander. When night falls and you close your eyes, you can still feel the elements on your skin and the nature around you. With a little imagination it feels like you’re back in the wild.

At Jokiniemi, you’ll have the opportunity to try out sleeping a night in a hammock under open sky in safe and easy way. We've picked You on ideal spot for camping in the middle of nature and all the essential camping equipments are provided. You won’t have to go far, wander long distances or carry loads of stuff around with you. It is only a 400-meter walk to the camping site on a private sandy beach. And still you feel worlds away. You cook your food on an open fire, watch the sunset instead of the evening news, breathe fresh air.

You’ll be guided to the camping site and instructed to suspend the hammock safely. You also get advice with camping equipment and how to put up the fire. Once the guide has made sure that all is well, he/she’ll bid you good night, and you’ll get to enjoy a great experience, simplicity and peace of nature.

The following is available to you at the camp site:

  • open hut with place for campfire, firewood

  • campfire coffee pot, a frying pan and for open fire, tableware

  • Fresh drinking water

  • Lakeshore for swimming

  • A composting toilet

  • watch a video

The excursion price comprices

  • Use of a mosquito-netted hammock (weight limit 120 kg)

  • Use of a hammock underblanket for warmth

  • A tarp cover to protect you from wind and rain if necessary

  • Guidance in camp site selection and hammock suspension

You need to bring with you

  • Your own sleeping bag (can be hired for extraprice)

  • Weather-appropriate clothing; also consider your sleeping outfit and the fact that it’s often cooler ashore than away from the water

  • Food

  • headlamp is useful when nights get darker

  • mosquito repellent may be needed in the summer

Starting time and point

The excursion starts at 6.00 pm at the reception of Jokiniemen Matkailu, address Jokiniementie 62, 71910 Alapitkä. The camping site is about 400- metres-walk away from the reception. The equipment is to be handed back by 12 noon the next day at starting point.

Group size

An excursion can be attended by a maximum of six persons.

Additional services

  • For an additional price, you can hire from us 3-season sleeping bags along with a sleeping bag liner.

  • Take away soup, sandwich and soft drink

  • Take away- breakfast

If you’re already staying at Jokiniemi, you may option to spend the hammock night at your party’s cottage, in view of water supply, toilet visits and meals. Note that the price of a cottage or room is not included in the excursion price, as these must be reserved and paid for separately.

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